Sapphamire, Dragons of Dragonose 1

Natasha is a misfit, even within the world of Others.  The council hoped to use her as their secret weapon, but when her powers didn’t develop, they had no idea what to do with a mixed blood, trained (by them) assassin with no unique abilities.  They threw her away like yesterday’s garbage.   

She ends up under the protection of a powerful dragon shifter and soon discovers her mate.  But when the King of Dragonose calls Natasha’s mate home suddenly, Blain takes her back to his childhood home.  There, not only will Blain’s dragon gift Natasha with her own dragon, but she will also discover that she holds a wealth of truly unique gifts, just waiting for the right time to emerge.   

Together, Blain and Natasha join the Dragonose clan in defending their beloved homeland.  But when the unthinkable occurs, and Blain’s dragon is seriously injured, will their love for one another and Natasha’s newfound abilities be enough to see them through?

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