Rubinemire, Dragons of Dragonose 5

No one was more surprised than King Thoran when he discovered fate had gifted him with a second mate during a rescue operation. Nor did he expect her anger directed at him. 

King Thoran and his team of warriors rescue Carmen along with all the other kidnapped Dragonose women and children. Now back home, his castle is full to bursting with a make shift hospital, crying babies, scared women, and a pissed off mate. What is a king to do when he rescues his queen only to have her despise him? 

As she helps the other women begin to acclimate to their new surroundings, she tightly keeps her cloak of anger around her to cover up a dangerous health condition. Carmen uses her anger as a shield and has zero sympathy toward King Thoran. Yes, he and his warriors did come to save them, but what took so bloody long? And his excuse of ‘he didn’t know’? She just isn’t buying it. 

When Carmen finally succumbs to a foreign matter running through her blood, King Thoran rushes against time to save her. His kingdom has already witnessed him losing one mate years ago; to suffer losing a second mate is inconceivable. 

But the Dragonose medical technology is put to the test as they spring into action to save their new queen. Will they succeed? Can she look past her anger to see the beauty surrounding her, including her destined mate and a couple of orphaned twins?

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