Dr. Quinn has dedicated his life to helping his fellow citizens in Dragonose.  When King Thoran uncovers proof that one of Quinn’s assistants is helping their enemy, the Raptorians, Quinn vows to fix the problem.  He has no idea that volunteering for a rescue mission will change his life forever. 

One of the women the warriors rescue is Quinn’s mate, but after seeing firsthand the conditions she and the others were forced to live in, he knows winning her trust will be a long, slow road.  He also must juggle taking care of his mate and healing numerous women whom the Raptorians poisoned.  Time is not on his side. 

Paulina’s only memory is inside a metal cage, locked up and tortured by the Raptorians.  When several huge men (and one kick-ass female warrior) break Paulina and the other women out of prison, Paulina isn’t sure who she can trust.  Her rescuers promise medical, food, clean water, and clothing in the land they call Dragonose, but it all sounds too good to be true.  

Can Paulina learn to trust the kind doctor?  Can she recover from her captivity and live a normal life?

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